Both Air Tractors are fitted with the latest Satloc G4 GPS and Satloc Intelliflow flow control. These units are capable of uploading/downloading application maps wirelessly, have software for variable rate application should it be required in the future and have their own email address and skype/video functions, we are some what limited in New Zealand with internet coverage currently to get their full advantage. Technology is further improving and we are hoping to have background maps aviable in New Zealand soon.

For Aerial Spraying we use CP Flat Fan nozzles which are able to have three different orifice sizes and are able to alter the droplet size to suit different rates/conditions.

We use Transland spreaders for high analysis fertilisers which provide a good spreading pattern.

All loaders and the Telehandler have electronic scales so tonnages and weights are able to be recorded and downloaded.

The turbine aircraft are equipped with DAAM system which is an engine trend monitoring unit which records all the data from the engine and any exceedences in operating parameters which is downloaded for maintenance purposes.