Aerial Agricultural Aviation Services

We are an independently owned company and take pride in the job we do and the machinery we operate. We continually invest in new technology and superior equipment.


Fertiliser Top Dressing

Flying on all types of fertiliser including Superphosphate, Lime, Urea, Dap, Lime Pellets, Guano, Minerals and Special Fertiliser Mixes.


Aerial Spraying & Crop Dusting

Application of Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Liquid Fertiliser, Liquid Lime, Suspension Fertiliser and Chemical Topping.


Fire Bombing

Both aircraft have been used fire bombing in the past and we are able to supply a 12000 litre water truck and fuel as well.


GPS Application & Mapping

Both Air Tractors have the latest Satloc G4 GPS fitted and also Intelliflow flow control for spraying and proof of placement maps are available.

About Us & Aviation History

Skyfarmers Aviation was formed in 1982 between pilot Col. Bolgar and farmer Don Hart to provide an aerial topdressing and spraying in the Canterbury Region. It was now 1987 and Don Hart became the sole owner of Skyfarmers. In 2007, Duncan Hart bought the business off his father Don and continues to run it today. Skyfarmers is based on Springfield Estate in mid-Canterbury and services the Canterbury wide region and can go further afield as required.

We cover a diverse range of terrain and farm types, one day we can be spraying specialist vegetable crops on the plains and the next flying fertiliser on in the High Country.